wheel mouse + kvm switch

Nicolas Galler beanie at gryphonmud.com
Sat May 10 23:16:24 PDT 2003

I have found a lot of problem report about this on google but no solution :(
So is there a way to use the wheel mouse on freebsd with a kvm switch?
My mouse (and the wheel) works fine when plugged directly. The win2k machine
on the switch works fine (as fine as windows can go anyway).

But when I plug the mouse through the switch freebsd doesn't see the wheel
anymore. Somehow psm decided to discard the mouse wheel data? I tried reading
the data from /dev/psm0, and get nothing for the wheel when the mouse is in
the switch (it shows data if it's plugged directly). So this seems to be a
problem with the psm driver, not the moused or X.
Well the mouse model is detected the same way (Mouse 4D+) whether or not the
switch is there, so maybe the switch is translating data, but freebsd fails to
probe the difference, so is there a way to force the driver to intellimouse or
something? The switch is of the plainest nameless kind so I don't think it's
doing something so obscure that only windows can handle it. This seems to be
quite a common problem so I hope there is a solution (other than going wild on
psm.c myself)

Nicolas Galler

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