perl 5.8

Hudson T Clark dark_archon1 at
Sat May 10 18:58:29 PDT 2003

OK well I downloaded it I did all of the commands it tells me to in
INSTALL (the default ones at the very top) I did:

rm -f
sh configure  -de
make                                         <---- got an error here it
make test                                   <---- tried just for the heck
of it got another error and it died

At this point I asked someone how to clean it up so I can try again... I

make clean

In the same dir, a bunch of stuff was dumped to the screen (I'm guessing
deleting what make did). Then I finally deleted the directory that I
unarchived and had been doing this all in. So now am I back where I
started? Did the commands above result in any files/dirs being put
anywhere else BUT the perl-5.8.0 dir (its unarhived from he 5.8.0
download on the freebsd ports page)?

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