XFree86 on laptop Dell inspiron 2650

K Anderson freebsduser at attbi.com
Sat May 10 13:43:09 PDT 2003

Fabio Miranda Hamburger wrote:
> Hi.
> I love unix and freebsd and I would like to install it on my laptop but I
> would like to know if it is waste of time install freebsd on a laptop.
> I know how stable and flexible is freebsd on servers but I dont know if i
> am wasting m time trying to set up X on a system that is not prepared for
> that.
> Is practical to instgall freebsd on a laptop? or it is better to choose XP
> or linux ?
> Where ca n i get howtos for freebsd on laptop?
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> Fabio Andres Miranda
> Ingenieria de sistemas informaticos
> Universidad Latina - Costa Rica
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I recently did a diskless setup using the Dell 2650. That is, having my 
server do most of the work such as the scheme of diskless setups. The 
kernel ran wonderfully, you'll have to compile a kernel just for the 
2650 being sure to turn off the EISA option or the kernal hangs.

Once the diskless setup was done and its kernel created the 2650 ran 
like a charm and it even ran X like a champ.

As far as how-tos, just follow the same process to install it on a 
regular system. To get the sound going  you'll have to enable the PCM 
device/option as mentioned in the multimedia section of the manual. I 
didn't try to set up the modem as it wasn't a requirement of mine. Nor 
did I tweak X enough so that when you exited it the screen would return 
to normal. It was scrambled so I would have to reboot to correct the 

Anyway have at it and best of luck.

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