Please, Urgent: Need ideas/help to solve PR bin/51586

mark tinguely tinguely at
Sat May 10 10:48:37 PDT 2003

> This has all the signs of a bug in rsh or one of the libraries it
> uses.  I asked Lars to try it with ssh instead and he reports that
> it works with ssh.  We should probably concentrate our search on rsh
> code.

ssh will not create second connection, nor will the local port be a
restricted port (especially port 623). We can see the vscan1 host make
an attempt to respond to the remote machine using local port 623 but that
packet does not make it to the other machine. Either something happens
to that packet after it goes through the BPF (ie, the interface transmission
part of the device driver), or somewhere in the network. That is why I
suggest another host on the same network as one of the other machines
or a protocol analyzer on the network to see if that packet make it
through the network. W. Richard Steven has sample networking programs
that can be used if he does not want to write one (sock from TCP Illustrated
Vol 1 comes to mind

--Mark Tinguely

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