Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.no-ip.com
Fri May 9 19:07:35 PDT 2003

Adam Olsen <adamolsen at net-bizz.com> writes:

> I want to make it so that my vfat partition is
> mounted at boot and writable by the user 'synic'.  The steps I have
> taken so far are these:
> The device is /dev/ad1s2
> The device has these permissions: crwxrwx---   2 root     operator 116,
> 131090 May  8 04:12 /dev/ad2s1
> synic is in the group operator
> the fstab line looks like this: /dev/ad1s2              /mnt/ad1s2     
> msdos   rw              0       0
> What else do I need to do?  I can write to the partition as root, but
> never as the user "synic".

By default, all the files in an msdosfs will have the permissions of
the base directory (there are no concepts of real permissions or of
users in that filesystem, so you can't do them separately).  You can
change the permissions of the mount point, or use any of the several
other approaches described in "man mount_msdos".

I assume you're running 4.x; the answer is slightly different otherwise.

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