checkout doc from /home/ncvs

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Fri May 9 14:04:31 PDT 2003

On 2003-05-09 00:30, manee <radwasteus at> wrote:
> --- Giorgos Keramidas <keramida at> wrote:
> > No.  Not necessarily.  You'll have to use su to become root only if
> > you want to install the docs in `/usr/share/doc'.  If you do use su,
> > then please make sure your environment contains the proper SGML_xxx
> > variables, either by manually setting them, or by using the -m
> > option of su(1).
> this is really new to me.  i suppose that as a plain user i can
> checkou from a repository but i get a permission denied instead.

What repository are you using?  What is the *exact* error?  I'm only
building the docs as `giorgos' here, which isn't `root'.

> once i su to root, i can checkout but get errors when make as you see
> in my previous attachment.

Try running script(1) to log everything in a file:

: # script /tmp/giorgos.log
: Script started, output file is /tmp/giorgos.log
: #

At this shell prompt, type everything you do to build the docs, as long
as `env' to let me see what your shell environment contains:

: # env
: [lots of output]

Then after the doc build fails (if it does fail), exit the shell.

: # exit
: exit
: Script done, output file is /tmp/giorgos.log

and post the file `/tmp/giorgos.log' to me.

> i have changed from local language to english now.

Many thanks :)

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