how to set up 2 ip over ip tunnels

sipa sipa at
Fri May 9 13:53:13 PDT 2003

Hello to all.

We have 2 machines with one with freebsd 4.5 and other with freebsd 4.7. 
We woud like to setup 2 ip over ip tunnels. One is a tunnel IPv6 over Ipv6, and other Ipv4 over Ipv6 between these 2 machines. The thing is that they must be originated from the same real address (wich is a Ipv6 address). Is it possible to setup 2 tunnels from the same and unique real ip address, cause we tried it and it didn't work. What happened was that at the time that we launched the 2nd tunnel the message "can't assign request address" appeared.
Anyone can tell me how to do this

Best Regards

Vitor Pinto & Pedro Neves

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