Simple / Stupid File Permissions Question

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Subject: Simple / Stupid File Permissions Question

> I have a simple/stupid question regarding permissions.
> What I would like is the following: I have a directory called group_dir
> that I would like all members of a group to be able to work in.
> However, I find that whenever someone creates a file in that directory,
> it is not set group writable. I know the user's umask setting affects
> this, but I don't want to change that - then ALL their files would come
> out group writable. Basically, I want all files in group_dir to be
> readable and writable by group members by default, including newly
> created files. Is there a way to do this? I thought up a kludge to use
> cron to periodically run chmod -R... but that is so ugly I don't really
> want to do it that way.
> Thanks for your assistance,

I don't know if this would work for you but it might.  I think you could
create a separate partition and then mount it with the 'suiddir' option.
Then all files created in the directory inherit permissions from the parent
if I understand correctly.

Please be advised that I have not tried this out but remember reading about
it in an article on FreeBSD Diary regarding setting up an FTP server.  This
strategy was used to change permissions on files uploaded by anonymous users
so they would not be downloadable by the next anonymous users to keep the
site from being used as a warez distribution site.  I assume you could use
the same strategy in a reverse manner.

Good Luck,


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