Midnight Commander crash

Marco Beishuizen marco at beishuizen.info
Fri May 9 06:57:14 PDT 2003


On a new installed 4.8-RELEASE, I installed midc to edit and
change the system into the way I want it. But when starting it
with midc or mc it crashes immediately. Opening top in another
console shows that midc uses about 99% of the cpu. I tried to
install it both from ports and sysinstall, but that didn't make a

Even more strange is that when killing the sick process in
another console, the console where midc was supposed to run is
completely unusable. It only shows the message "Terminated", and
it doesn't react on keyboard input anymore.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

"The identical is equal to itself, since it is different."
		-- Franco Spisani

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