news server recommends

Rob O'Donnell robert at
Fri May 9 06:41:20 PDT 2003

Hi All,

In an effort to avoid creating problems for myself, I'm asking first before 
diving in ...

I have a requirement to set up a nntp server.  Partially as a local cache, 
to provide as huge a retention time as I can afford disc space for, but 
also to give out external access to.

requirements are basically...
ability to fetch via NNTP from several configured news servers (ie, not 
using a push feed)
automatically fetch groups that are used; ignore groups that are not accessed.
(this all to reduce bandwidth requirements!)
have script-configurable user accounts with arbitary monthly download limits.
be secure enough to open a port through the firewall to it from the Internet

I've been looking at Dnews, but the price is a touch off-putting, and I've 
not delved far enough
into the docs to determine if I can set download limits on user account yet..

So.. basically, is there anything anybody can recommend that will do what I 

Thanks in advance,


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