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collins erichey2 at
Fri May 9 04:05:38 PDT 2003

On Fri, 9 May 2003 02:18:45 -0500
"Philip M. Gollucci" <philip at> wrote:

> I'll admit I haven't don very much research here....
> Looking for pointers to get Flash and phoenix to work nice under 

I, too, would like to know.  The basic problem with Flash, RealPlayer,
etc. (on linux at least) is that they are binaries compiled with gcc
2.95.x and requiring older glibc.  On my gentoo linux distro,
compatibility libraries are provided, and you can download the phoenix
nightly binaries that are compiled with the older compiler.  Once that
is done, you can use the linux version of the plugins.

Perhaps this will prompt someone who knows more than I to provide
compatbility packages for FreeBSD.

Collins Richey - Denver Area
FreeBSD 5.0

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