upgrading FBSD box: installing the /stand/sysinstall utility

Vladik Kozin epbox at yandex.ru
Fri May 9 00:31:12 PDT 2003

I intend to upgrade my 4.6 FBSD to 4.8 release. In the install.txt they say I 
should use the /stand/sysinstall utility of the release I'm going to turn to. 
But I couldn't have found any hints on how to switch to this version of 
sysinstall. Is the 'libh-...' package the one to be installed? Do I have to 
remove the currently installed version of sysinstall before switching to a 
newer version of sysinstall.
To be laconic the question is which steps I need to take to run a newer 
version of /stand/sysinstall on my system?

Best regards.	 Vladik Kozin

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