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Thu May 8 22:59:13 PDT 2003

install /usr/ports/net/rsync
rsync -acvz --delete --force rsync:// 

./Configure --Dprefix=/usr/local Dusedevel -Doptimize=-g 
-Dprefix=$DIR_INSTALL/perl -des

make test
make install

Then edit /etc/make.conf replace 5.6.1 with 5.9.0
Then edit /usr/ports/Mk/ replace 5.6.1 with 5.9.0
cd /usr/local/bin
ln -fs perl5.9.0 perl
ln -fs perldoc5.9.0 perldoc
ln -fs pod2man5.9.0 pod2man
ln -fs perl5 perl
cd /usr/bin
ln -fs /usr/bin/perl /usr/local/bin/perl
ln -fs /usr/bin/perl5 /usr/local/bin/perl5

I still have issues with things trying to install 5.6.1 and not use 5.9.0
Also, because a few paths are different /usr/ports/database/p5-DBI/Makefile
must be edited so that it doesn't install DBI again and again and again.

all this is on a -CURRENT machine

Any thoughts on /usr/ports/Mk/ ? I think Antoin answered me on this 
a while ago and agreed, but nothing ever happened with it.
He also disagreed with making 5.8 the default.  Didn't say why.  Anyone want 
to chime in ?

Thanks again

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