5.1 status page updates

Evan Dower evantd at hotmail.com
Thu May 8 22:05:08 PDT 2003

It occurs to me that most of the developers around here are:
a) more in-the-loop then the average user and
2) too busy coding to update a status page
I am one of those people who compulsively checks the status page to see how 
far along things are. It drives me nuts when I know that something has been 
done, but it doesn't show up on the status page. I can only assume that many 
other users assume that those dates have been missed. Now, before you get to 
thinking that I'm complaining, let me assure that I would much prefer that 
the developers work on the code rather than a silly status page. I propose a 
solution. At this point, I have very little to offer the project (as a CS 
major, I may have more to offer reasonably soon, but not yet) in terms of 
code, but I do care, and I consider the status page to be valuable. For that 
matter, I keep reasonable track of the -current list. Hey, I could update 
the status page. But to whom should I email the updates? re? qa? current? 
And what form should they take? the complete new page? a diff from the 
previous? a diff from the previous from some base directory? with some 
particular options to diff?
Thanks in advance for your advice. I'm very excited to start contributing, 
even in this very small way.
Evan Dower
Computer Science
University of Washington

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