Why is port 22 open by default?

Kenneth Culver culverk at yumyumyum.org
Thu May 8 21:11:06 PDT 2003

> > D> I was just wondering:
> > D> Is SSH really so secure that it can be on by default?
> >
> > D> I'm really paranoid, and I could sleep better if the answer was yes :-)
> >
> > if you *REALY* paranoid  you can  juct  switch  your computer  off :)
> >
> > if you are  fully trust  your local area network there is  no  reaseon to
> > afraid (but passwords) , othervice there is  some  'pantom menace'
> > that  ssh could  de cracked by someone  , who will dump all the
> > connections to your  computer  all the  time
> Is there some way to prevent this?
SSH is fairly secure, but there is no 100% secure remote access solution.
That said, you should be fine with ssh enabled, I've had it enabled for
ages without problems, just make sure you pick a good password.


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