rc.conf and inetd.conf

Jez Hancock jez.hancock at munk.nu
Thu May 8 20:16:30 PDT 2003

Hi Hudson,

On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 08:12:08AM -0700, Hudson T Clark wrote:
> Ok I figured out a lot from the two people that helped me out with this
> stuff. I got ssh working (I don't want telnet anymore!) I was just
> wondering I have been looking and the only two files I know of that
> control network services being started is rc.conf and inetd.conf what
> could be starting this smtp service?
The best resource/starting place is man rc.  You'll find lots of useful
info there and pointers to other manpages that cover what you need.

In particular, network services are started from

Essentially the rc.network file slurps in the base defaults in
/etc/defaults/rc.conf first and then any settings you have in
/etc/rc.conf override those defaults.  These settings (variables) are
then used in each of the rc files called from the 'super rc' file,
/etc/rc (one of which is /etc/rc.network).

See also this post:
regarding rc network initialization.

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