Improper size of slice/partition?

Joshua Oreman oremanj at
Thu May 8 18:28:55 PDT 2003

On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 01:20:15PM -0500 or thereabouts, Steven Lake seemed to write:
> 	Hi all.  Just added a second drive to my system mounted as
> /drive2, however, when I do a df -h to see how the drive is mounted, it
> says that I have a 73G partition size, but only 67G available and 0k used.
> I could understand having 73G after newfs formatted the drive and Fdisk
> made the partition, but only having access to 67G on an 80G Western
> Digital drive seems a bit silly to me.  Anyone know what's going wrong
> with this?  I did the Fdisk and slice through sysinstall and it said all
> was fine.  Anyone know why this is acting this way?  I want my whole 73G
> for my drive.

UFS, by default, reserves 8% of space for use by root, and only root.
`df' does not show this space. So if the FS was full, `df' would say it
was 108% full.
To change this percentage, run:
# tunefs -m NEW-PERCENT
Note that it is not advisable to change it below 8%, as this will cause the
kernel to change the optimization level and make stuff slower.

Basically, don't worry, all your space is there.

-- Josh

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