ADM8211 wlan nic / wlan suggestions?

Harry harryfrankenfeld at
Thu May 8 18:00:20 PDT 2003

I'm admittedly a newbie, setting up a new box. I rent an old house, so 
my options are either stringing a cat5 from room to room (thus not 
making my roommate happy) or 802.11b, which I'm currently using with my 
laptop (OS X).

I bought an SMC2602W, based on the hardware notes for wi, but as anyone 
that has been following the support issues knows, SMC, among many 
others, switched to using the single-chip ADM8211, which isn't yet 

So, I've got two questions for the list:

1) anyone know of the progress on the driver for this chipset?

2) any suggestions for a well-supported 802.11b PCI card? In addition 
to a make/model, what chipset should I look for/expect?

Thanks, all.

Harry Frankenfeld

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