/usr/local/bin and so forth

Chris Pressey cpressey at catseye.mb.ca
Thu May 8 08:52:23 PDT 2003

On Thu, 8 May 2003 05:46:22 -0600
collins <erichey2 at attbi.com> wrote:

> Coming from a linux background (gentoo distro), I find it strange to
> find all sorts of crap in /usr/local/bin.  I'm used to find all
> standard software in /usr/bin (or certain binary packages in /opt) and
> to find/usr/local/bin reserved for stuff added by the local
> administrator.

That is the way it works in FreeBSD, if by "standard software" you mean
"base install" and by "stuff added by the local administrator" you mean
"ports and packages."

> 1. What's the rationale behind this for freebsd?

/usr/bin is for the operating system's files, /usr/local/bin is for
stuff added by the local administrator.

> 2. Where does one (as a standard) put truly local scripts, etc. so it
> won't get confused with all the stuff in /usr/local/bin?

Not sure there is a "standard" for something like this besides "whatever
works for the individual."  Me personally, I like to put scripts and
such in ~/bin, and if other users need to run them I'll create symlinks
to them from /usr/local/bin.


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