4.8 sendmail/mail/smtp problem/question

Ernest H. Rice ehr3 at ehr3.com
Thu May 8 08:12:49 PDT 2003

I am running 4.8 FreeBSD from my home office.
Everything is fine, except for email.

I use KDE, and KMAIL works well, I use smtp with authentication to send 
outgoing email, and pop to receive incoming email.

I have to connect to my ISP to get both incoming and to send outgoing and they 
require authentication.

I NEED to be able to use plain old command line email.

sendmail does not cut it anymore. My ISP wants to be able to do reverse 
lookups on my IP address to allow me to relay through them, and I have a 
dynamic IP address.

I have tried to use the sendmail-sasl, and that did not help.

I looked at postfix, but have not seen where it will help me.
I looked into qmail, and do not see how that will help me either.

I basically need to be able to send outgoing email in the same fashion that 
KMail does - using smtp with authentication - but not with a gui, from the 
command line.

I need this so that I can generate email from shell scripts and/or C programs.

I apologize for the interruption (especially if this is a really stupid 
question), but I have exhausted all avenues I can think of.

Any and all help is appreciated!

By the way, I am reasonably pleased with 4.8. I love WINE, and having it 
availabel allows me to use MS-Office under FreeBSD, very handy for reading 
those Word docs attached to emails...

Ernie Rice

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