Floppy doesn't recognized by FreeBSD 5.0

Lord Sith lordsith49 at hotmail.com
Thu May 8 07:48:12 PDT 2003

What does dmesg say about your floppy drive? Does it detect it? Are there 
errors trying to probe it?

I have this annoying problem on my FreeBSD test box (ABIT BH6 motherboard) 
where if I enable the ACPI module my floppy drive became unusable.

>From: "Aleksandar Antok" <paralyz3 at hotmail.com>
>To: freebsd-questions at FreeBSD.ORG
>Subject: Floppy doesn't recognized by FreeBSD 5.0
>Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 20:52:21 +0000
>Hello everybody,
>How can I get floppy drive work under FreeBSD 5.0. I have read in the 
>handbook that I should use MAKEDEV, but I can't find it anywhere. In the /
>dev directory I have "fd" directory(and the files "0", "1", "2"). I cannot 
>mount that(/dev/fd/0). Please help me or send me MAKEDEV.
>Thanks in advance,
>Alexander aka Captain Pirate.

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