I must be dummy

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at 401.cx
Thu May 8 07:36:17 PDT 2003

Teilhard Knight wrote:
 > Well, I'm in Windows now. No pun intended, but I trust better $ill
 > Gates' Control Panel, than any other OS hardware information tool.
 > The Handbook and everybody makes feel it is such a simple
 > straightforward procedure to build our kernel, that I feel a real
 > dummy. I first post what I have done so far, and then my questions
 > to you.
 > Kernel:
*snipped huge kernel config*
 > I just added three entries:
 > 1.- device            fxp0        # Intel PRO/100 VE Network
 > Connection
 > 2.- device  ulpt0  # hp DeskJet 845c
 > 3.- device            pci1        # NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 64/64 pro
 > (Ultra Vanta).
 > Now, the first think I have difficulties with is with the right
 > identification (the "code"? name) of the device. I have found
 > nowhere that my mouse is fd0, but for Shantanu, who wrote to me. In
 > the entry 3 above, "pci1" sounds to me, like socket PCI 1, not the
 > identification of my device. But on dmesg.boot, the card is just
 > spotted like that. Also, in parenthesis is how the card is
 > detected, and how I wote it is how really the card is. I have
 > looked where to find those codes and I have had no success.
 > There are three things that remain to be configured.
 > 1.- Sound card. It is a "Sound Max Integrated Digital Audio". This
 > configuration strikes me as not simply an entry like the rest,
 > because handles: a) Digital Audio, b) MIDI Devices, and c) Mixer
 > Devices. There is also a Modem Wave Driver. And this and the Video
 > card are bundled somehow to provide game controllers.
 > 2.- An OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Firewire Port.
 > 3.- An External dial-up USB modem. It's and Aztech UM9800-U.
 > Drivers are provided for UNIX and Linux.
 > I appreciate in advance the help you can spare.
 > Teilhard Knight The Extraterrestrial
 > Who ate my sandwich?

First of all, you should not edit GENERIC, you should copy GENERIC to
a name you decide, and then use that to modify your kernel.
Second, you should not use numbers in device name. Instead of 'device
fxp0' try just 'device fxp'. However, Im almost 100% sure fxp is in
the GENERIC kernel so you should not have to add that yourself.
I never use sound on my bsd machines, but try adding the pcm driver to 
your kernel, I've heard it should handle most soundcards.
Try looking in the LINT file (/sys/i386/conf/LINT) for tips and 
pointer to all devices and their names.


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