remote logins hang (new info)

Marwan Fayed mfayed at
Thu May 8 05:44:19 PDT 2003

On Thu, 8 May 2003, Marwan Fayed wrote:

> I have a situation that is extremely peculiar. My problem is easily
> described but not so easily diagnosed. When I login to my freebsd server
> from a remote host (on local network), after a random amount of time the
> connection just hangs -- unless I hit a key on the keyboard. The
> connection just freezes and sits there
> forever (or until the localhost resets the connection).

As it turns out, I do not need to be connected for the problem to
occur. There have been times when I telnet/ssh/ping/etc to the machine and
there is no response -- unless I walk over to it and hit a key on the

Thanks, again.

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