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Daniel Bye dan at slightlystrange.org
Thu May 8 04:52:13 PDT 2003

On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 05:46:22AM -0600, collins wrote:
> Coming from a linux background (gentoo distro), I find it strange to
> find all sorts of crap in /usr/local/bin.  I'm used to find all standard
> software in /usr/bin (or certain binary packages in /opt) and to find
> /usr/local/bin reserved for stuff added by the local administrator.
> 1. What's the rationale behind this for freebsd?

AFAIK, the default install puts nothing in /usr/local/{bin,sbin}.  The
majority of software installed from ports goes here.  The rationale?  I
guess the ports software goes here because it's specific to a given machine,
and not part of the base system.

> 2. Where does one (as a standard) put truly local scripts, etc. so it
> won't get confused with all the stuff in /usr/local/bin?

Err, if it's stuff you've added above the base system, the best place _is_
/usr/local.  I tend to make a directory /usr/local/script for my own bits of
Perl and shell code.

Only parts of the base system go in (/usr)?/s?bin.



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