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Vince Hoffman Vince.Hoffman at
Thu May 8 02:57:19 PDT 2003

yes use the freature 'blacklist_recipients' in your mc file.
from the cf README

If you use:


then you can add entries to the map for local users, hosts in your
domains, or addresses in your domain which should not receive mail:

        badlocaluser@           ERROR:550 Mailbox disabled for this username       ERROR:550 That host does not accept mail
        user at     ERROR:550 Mailbox disabled for this

I do it by putting that mapping in my virtusertable

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> I want anyone who emails "root at" to recieve 
> some type of error, and not be allowed to email him. I also 
> want to do this for a user or two without removing his 
> account. Can i do this?
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