remote connections hang

Marwan Fayed mfayed at
Wed May 7 23:17:06 PDT 2003


I have search the mailing lists for hours for some hints, but with no
avail. To which lists shall I post the following question? 

I have a situation that is extremely peculiar. My problem is easily
described but not so easily diagnosed. When I connect to my freebsd server
from a remote site (on local network), after a random amount of time the
connection just hangs -- unless I hit a key on the keyboard. It sits there
forever (or until the localhost resets the connection).

If, for example, I have a telnet/ssh window open with top running to
monitor load (and I am the only user), the display eventually
freezes. Now let's say a minute passes and then I hit a key on the
server. Then the time displayed on top resumes exactly where it left off
(so no packets seem to be accumulating).

This happens whether telnetting, sshing, ftping, or any combination of
these. The server does not even respond to pings and traceroutes! But
somehow, hitting a key brings the machine "back to life"

I have used netstat to check mbufs, lost packets, built custom kernels and
played with sysctl settings, all of which yeild no success so I can't even
think of any useful output to post!


Thank you,

ps. This is an old p200MMX w/ 128M ram running 4.8R. It used to run 4.5R
quite happily until I upgraded by removing the stock hard drive and now I
boot from a larger drive connected to a PCI ide card (at which point I
installed 4.8R).  Again, thanks.

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 but it shows the world can change."
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