kernel panic installing FreeBSD/alpha 4.8-RELEASE

Marco Beishuizen marco at
Wed May 7 13:32:30 PDT 2003

On Wed, 7 May 2003, the wise Wilko Bulte spoke, and said:

> > Tried 5.0-RELEASE instead, but 5.0 can't load it's kernel:
> >
> > elf_loadexec: archsw.readin failed
> > can't load file '/kernel': input/output error
> Huh? Was this an install of 5.0?

Yes, but that seems a case of bad floppies.... I'm trying the
sixth one right now and the floppies work.

And the moment I'm writing this, 5.0 also panics with a "timeout
table full" at 21% "extracting base into / directory" :-(

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