natd -punch_fw opening incorrect ports

Ryan soulburner at
Wed May 7 10:04:15 PDT 2003

First off, some info about my setup:

FreeBSD version:

interface an0
use_sockets yes
same_ports yes
punch_fw 60:20

ipfw2 rules (simplified for the sake of this message):
add 50 divert natd ip from any to any via an0
add 100 check-state
add 150 deny tcp from any to any established
add 200 allow udp from me to any 53 keep-state
add 250 allow tcp from me to any 21 setup keep-state
add 300 deny ip from any to any

Now for the problem that I'm seeing.  Sitting at the firewall box (not 
an internal host, has a public IP), I'm unable to establish any active 
FTP connections.  With debugging output turned on for FTP, I see this:

ftp> dir
---> PORT 12,28,133,X,192,32
200 PORT command successful.
---> LIST
550 Cannot connect to 12.28.133.X:50535 - Operation timed out.
ftp> close
---> QUIT
ftp> quit

I then check my ipfw rules to see which port natd opened, and I see:

60 allow tcp from 12.28.133.X 49184 to dst-port 20
60 allow tcp from 20 to 12.28.133.X dst-port 49184

Maybe I'm not understanding how punch_fw works, but I see natd opening 
port A, but FTP trying to use port B.  I've looked for everything I 
could find regarding natd/punch_fw, but nothing relating to the problem 
that I described.

Also, no ports are opened when trying passive FTP connections, with the 
same natd.conf/ipfw rules.  I found a message relating to FreeBSD 4.4 
not opening ports for passive FTP, but also saw a patch which supposedly 
fixed the problem.  I checked my 4.8 sources, and found the patched code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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