Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed May 7 09:55:05 PDT 2003

"Hamza Ben Saleem" <insecuredummy at> writes:

>            well i am trying to install freebsd 4.8 over NFS and i have
> read all the instructions even the handbook but it wont help.This is
> my network setup PC1--eth0---cablemodem-eth1--hub;PC2--eth0--hub.PC2
> is the client pc which means on which i am trying to install
> asks me for some info like host,gateway,nameserver and ip
> addres of this machine and freebsd take care of everything else.I have
> tried many times but it doesnt work i get a eror like unable to
> transfer the bin distribution from
> -RELEASE.If i hold down the alt key together with f4
> it says
> OUT.what could be wrong?and one last question the server acts asa
> router as well so i was wondering which ip address should i give pc1
> eth1 or eth0 ?im proving my isp nameserver and gateway address
> please help me out thanx in advance

It sounds like you're trying to do NFS over the Internet, which is not
just very insecure but is quite difficult to get right.  If you can
get an NFS connection working from the other PC to the host you're
trying to use, then you should be able to use that configuration for
your install -- but I think that will be a major exercise.

The simple thing is probably to try an FTP install instead.

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