Matrox G450 Dualhead drivers

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed May 7 09:40:55 PDT 2003

Martin Kruse Jensen <loproc at> writes:

> I've got some problems with a Matrox G450 Dualhead graphics adapter. Besides 
> this adapter, I have a Ati Radeon graphics adapter. When starting X, it only 
> uses one of the screens; the one on the ATI card. When I was running Linux I 
> had to install a special driver (kernel module) from 
> but it won't install in my FreeBSD 4.8.
> When I run xf86cfg both the Matrox and the ATI fires up, but only with one head 
> on the Matrox card. When using the configuration it writes I still only get 
> image on my ATI card.

It's really more of an X question than a FreeBSD question, and I don't
know much about dual-head configurations (other than that I'd like
one), but I notice a couple of things.  

First, you don't seem to be running the latest X release.  That's
definitely worth trying, and checking through the XFree86 mailing
lists for information would be the most like way to find a lead.

Second, you seem to be configuring for a G400 rather than a G450.
They're enough different that the latter isn't supported in XFree86
3.x at all, so tweak that if you can.

Good luck.

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