Where is tcpd?

Dan Nelson dnelson at allantgroup.com
Wed May 7 08:36:36 PDT 2003

In the last episode (May 07), Michael K. Smith said:
> I would like to use TCP Wrappers for ssh connections to a box, and
> all of the literature regarding the inetd.conf configuration
> references /usr/sbin/tcpd.  I have been unable to find tcpd anywhere
> on the system.  Is there another way to reference the required files
> in inetd.conf?

Hm?  This is the only place tcpd is mentioned in the inetc.conf
manpage, and I think it answers your question pretty well.


   TCP Wrappers
     When given the -w option, inetd will wrap all services specified
     as ``stream nowait'' or ``dgram'' except for ``internal''
     services.  If the -W option is given, such ``internal'' services
     will be wrapped.  If both options are given, wrapping for both
     internal and external services will be enabled.  Either wrapping
     option will cause failed connections to be logged to the ``auth''
     syslog facility.  Adding the -l flag to the wrapping options will
     include successful connections in the logging to the ``auth''

     Note that inetd only wraps requests for a ``wait'' service while
     no servers are available to service requests.  Once a connection
     to such a service has been allowed, inetd has no control over
     subsequent connec- tions to the service until no more servers are
     left listening for connec- tion requests.

     When wrapping is enabled, the tcpd daemon is not required, as that
     functionality is builtin.  For more information on TCP Wrappers,
     see the relevant documentation (hosts_access(5)).  When reading
     that document, keep in mind that ``internal'' services have no
     associated daemon name.  Therefore, the service name as specified
     in inetd.conf should be used as the daemon name for ``internal''

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at allantgroup.com

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