HELP: TCP stack problem in 4.8-R with rsh connects (second channel)

LarsKöller Lars.Koeller at Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Wed May 7 06:04:44 PDT 2003



this mail results out of my news group posting concerning 

PR bin/51586

In reply to Mark Cammidge who wrote:
> > Sporadically the rshd can't open the second tcp connection back 
> > to the port the rsh-client has announced.
> Hi.  I don't have a simple solution for you, but
> some things you may want to try:
> - Check whether a FreeBSD-Solaris or Solaris-FreeBSD
>    combination works.  That may not be useful to you,
>    but I think it will help other people to track
>    down the source of the problem.

I've tested this, it doesen't change anything!

> - Try update to FreeBSD-STABLE - the problem may have
>    been fixed already.
> - Try update to FreeBSD-CURRENT - it's pretty stable
>    and may not suffer from the same problem.

Hm, I don't like this, really for production machines.

> - Use SSH instead of rsh.  I suspect most people are
>    no longer using rsh, and ssh is meant to be pretty
>    much a drop in replacement.  You can set it up to
>    avoid needing passwords.  It will probably be
>    somewhat slower though.

That's the point, there is no need to crypt, and performance would be 
too poor!

> - Post to one of the mailing lists - the developers
>    who work on this soft of stuff are more likely to
>    read about it there than they are in the newsgroup.

I have!

Thanks and best regards


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