TCP/IP failover options

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Tue May 6 18:53:26 PDT 2003

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Subject: TCP/IP failover options

> Does anyone know about failover packages for freebsd that will failover
> from one TCP/IP connection to another. We are currently using Gnatbox
> Firewall at work (based on Freebsd) and it supports that kind of function.
> I was wondering if anyone knew of a port or package that can do that.

Well, a BGP daemon and peering on both links is the right way to do it.Not
sure about any other options (The closest I come to interesting FreeBSD
routing setups is JunOS on a M40 or M160)

> Also does anyone know about any package that could load balance two
> connections. For instance: a package that could help a FreeBSD Based
> Gateway load balance 2 SDSL Connections.

BGP peering is the way to go, but likely isn't an option for you, with only


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