OpenSSL -> "OPENSSL_cleanse" ?

Steve Warwick ukla at
Tue May 6 12:43:23 PDT 2003

Hi All, 

I have a newly installed server. Everything seems happy except for items
using or building with OpenSSL -- I keep getting references to
"OPENSSL_cleanse" being incorrect, wrong unknown etc

I realize this is probably an internal change but I can't find which version
of OpenSSL to run to make things work as expected...

For example I checked an outgoing mail and saw this error:

220 please start a TLS connection
/usr/libexec/ /usr/lib/ Undefined symbol

Building PHP with openssl has the same problems...

Has anyone come across this and found the solution?

As always hint, suggestions, links and ideas welcome.



This is my current pkg_info:

XFree86-libraries-4.3.0_1 XFree86-4 libraries and headers
apache+mod_ssl-1.3.27+2.8.14 The Apache 1.3 webserver with SSL/TLS
autoconf213-2.13.000227_5 Automatically configure source code on many Un*x
bash-2.05b.004      The GNU Bourne Again Shell Net::SSLeay - Perl extension for using OpenSSL or
cclient-2002,1      Mark Crispin's C-client mail access routines
curl-7.10.3_2       "Non-interactive tool to get files from FTP, GOPHER,
cvsup-without-gui-16.1f General network file distribution system optimized
for CVS
expat-1.95.6_1      XML 1.0 parser written in C
fontconfig-2.1.94   An XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
freetype2-2.1.4     A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
gd-1.8.4_6          A graphics library for fast image creation
gettext-0.11.5_1    GNU gettext package
gmake-3.80          GNU version of 'make' utility
imake-4.3.0         Imake and other utilities from XFree86
jpeg-6b_1           IJG's jpeg compression utilities
libiconv-1.8_2      A character set conversion library
libmcal-0.7         Modular Calendar Access Library
libmcrypt-2.5.6_1   Multi-cipher cryptographic library (used in PHP3)
libtool-1.3.4_4     Generic shared library support script
m4-1.4_1            GNU m4
mhash-0.8.17        "Library provides an easy way to access strong hashes
mm-1.2.1            Shared memory allocation library for pre-forked process
mod_gzip-  An Internet Content Acceleration module for Apache
mysql-client-3.23.56 Multithreaded SQL database (client)
mysql-server-4.0.12_1 Multithreaded SQL database (server)
openssl-0.9.7b_1    SSL and crypto library
p5-Authen-PAM-0.14  A Perl interface to the PAM library
p5-DBI-1.34_1       The perl5 Database Interface.  Required for DBD::*
p5-Data-ShowTable-3.3 Perl5 module to pretty-print arrays of data
p5-Mysql-modules-1.2219 Perl5 modules for accessing MySQL databases
p5-Net-Daemon-0.36  Perl5 extension for portable daemons
p5-Net-SSLeay-1.17  Perl5 interface to SSL
p5-PlRPC-0.2016     Perl module for writing RPC servers and clients
p5-Storable-2.06    Persistency for perl data structures
p5-Test-Harness-2.26 Run perl standard test scripts with statistics
p5-Test-Simple-0.47_1 Basic utilities for writing tests in perl
pdflib-4.0.3_1      A C library for dynamically generating PDF
pdflib-5.0.0        A C library for dynamically generating PDF
perl-5.6.1_11       Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl-5.8.0_4        Practical Extraction and Report Language
pkgconfig-0.15.0    An utility used to retrieve information about installed
png-1.2.5_2         Library for manipulating PNG images
proftpd-1.2.8       Highly configurable ftp daemon
tiff-3.5.7          Tools and library routines for working with TIFF images
usermin-1.010_1     Web-based interface for performing some user tasks
webalizer-2.1.10_1  A web server log file analysis program
webmin-1.080_4      Web-based interface for system administration for Unix
whatmask-1.1        Easily convert between three common subnet mask
xmbmon-nox11-201    X/tty motherboard monitor for LM78/79, W8378x, AS99127F
xpm-3.4k            The X Pixmap library

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