FreeBSD on an old Compaq

Doug Poland doug at
Tue May 6 10:45:43 PDT 2003

Charley said:
> I recently won a Compaq ProLiant 5000R in an auction on Ebay.  It
> arrived yesterday and now I want to put FreeBSD on it. 
Unfortunately, > I can't seem to find a way to cause the system to
boot from the CD and
> booting from the floppy returns an "Unexpected EOF" on the kernel
> (kern.flp).  Is there something else that I need?
Check the BIOS for boot order or boot sequence and see if a CDROM
device is in the list.  If it is, make it the first boot device and

As for the floppy, I've seen the "Unexpected EOF" error because of
old or bad floppy media.  Try brand-new floppy disks.


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