Installing An ISA Sync/570i

John Abel john.abel at
Tue May 6 08:36:10 PDT 2003


I've recently downloaded FreeBSD5, for it's support of Digi boards, 
specifically the ISA based Sync/570.  However, now that I've got it 
installed, it seems to have not detected the board.  I've checked the 
board with it's diagnostic disk, and it is setup with a correct 
IRQ/memory settings, yet the install doesn't seem to have installed the 
driver (the only ar files are in the src directories).

I've been going through compiling a new kernel, but after adding the 
line from the ar man page,

device          ar0                     at isa? port 0x300 irq 5 iomem 

the config produces "devices with zero units are not likely to be 

Has someone any notes on installing one of these boards with FreeBSD5? 
Any pointers would be much appreciated.



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