X Window problem

Gary and El Byrnes elgaz at iprimus.com.au
Tue May 6 02:14:05 PDT 2003

Hi Eduardo

Thank you very much for your response. 

I have started the process you mentioned. I have gone through step one fine.

I got to the point where I edited the /etc/ttys file back to what it was. When I tried saving it, I got a message that the file is read-only and use ! to override.

What can I do now?

Thanks a lot.

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  On Tue, 6 May 2003, Gary and El Byrnes wrote:

  > Hi Everybody
  > I am new to FreeBSD. Just intalled v 5.0.
  > I went into /etc/ttys and changed "xterm on secure" to have graphics and
  > having a problem after that. The GUI wouldn't come up. The screen keeps
  > coming to a dark blue with a mouse cursor cross on it then disappears.
  > How can I fix this please?

  1) go single user:

  reboot your computer [if it is still on, press ctrl-alt-del]
  when freebsd boots a countdown starts from 9 to 0, before it
  reaches 0, press "space"

  boot -s

  your computer will boot but it will stop asking for a shell
  and suggesting:  /bin/sh       [press enter].
  mount -a
  swapon -a

  2) fix the problem:

  now, edit /etc/ttys and restore "off" in the line containing xterm.
  save this file
  reboot your computer by typing:  reboot
  or press control-d.

  you must be sure that you have correctly configuring X before
  changing the line containing "xterm" in /etc/ttys.

  3) configure X

  To configure X you can try:

  X -configure

  it will try to find out which your graphic environtment could be,
  and will write a file:  XF86Config.new  with the resulting configuration.

  X -xf86config ./XF86Config.new

  to test your configuration and, if it fits to your graphical environment,
  you will see a gray screen and you will be able to move your mouse cursor.
  Press Ctrl-Alt-BACKSPACE to leave this graphic screen and copy this file
  to /etc/X11/ directory with the name XF86Config:

  cp ./XF86Config.new /etc/X11/XF86Config

  if the configuration you get does not fit to your graphical environment,
  try to find out what graphic card, monitor, mouse, keybard you have and
  xf86cfg -textmode

  4) xdm

  Once you have a functional configuration for your graphical environment,
  then and only then you can change the line you changed.

  > I have a flatscreen monitor and I am not too sure what video card I have
  > - some cheapie.

  > Thanks a lot in advance.
  > Elvira
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