BSD bsd at
Mon May 5 22:57:39 PDT 2003

I was looking into setting up a vpn with my FreeBSD gateway and roaming
Windows clients. Someone suggested I look into l2tp (since all the
roaming clients have or can have the MS l2tp/ipsec program installed).
The first thing I found was ng_l2tp(4), but then the documentation ends
right about there. I couldn't find any examples of how to setup this to
work with pppd or possibly mpd, nor could I figure out how to tie in the
racoon daemon that I already have setup using certificates for auth
(ipsec is already setup and works fine, just would like to have l2tp as
well). I tried searching google and the mailing lists
(, but came across no results on "l2tp freebsd" keys.

Has any setup l2tp on FreeBSD with Windows clients? And wouldn't mind
giving some pointers/hints on how they did it? Any information would be
much appreciated.

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