How to make Mozilla display Korean (or CJK-type) characters?

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Mon May 5 20:00:25 PDT 2003


I seem to remember that Mozilla somehow out-of-the-box could display
non-roman charactersets, such as Korean. But Mozilla doesn't seem
to do that anymore. What should I do ?

I have installed the Korean johabfonts-port, which mentions something
about Mozilla in its pkg-descr file. I installed it and included the
directory in my fonts for X11; to no avail.

In Mozilla I can select as the character set "Korean(JOHAB)", but when I
check it next time, it is again on "Korean(EUC-KR)".

Non-roman characters are displayed as squares that seem to have four tiny
roman characters in them.

Is this a bug in Mozilla, or is my fonts setup buggy, or is this a
more fundamental FreeBSD issue?

Thanks for your help,

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