restarting natd

Jack L. Stone jackstone at
Mon May 5 17:15:50 PDT 2003

At 06:02 PM 5.5.2003 -0500, Alfonso Romero wrote:
>How can I restart natd? Using kill -s HUP <pidnumber>? Or is there another
more conservative way?
>Thanks in advance,
>Alfonso Romero

First, look to see what flags you have currently running:
# ps -auxw | grep natd
root      138  0.0  0.0   636  352  ??  Ss   18Apr03   7:59.22 /sbin/natd
-n rl0

Then, try this first:
# killall -HUP natd

If that doesn't work, then this will:
# kill `ps -auxw | grep natd | awk '{print $2}'`
...then restart using youe same flags:
# /sbin/natd -n rl0

Hope this helps....

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

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