portupgrade: installed package "succeeds port" ?

Rob Lahaye lahaye at users.sourceforge.net
Mon May 5 16:26:32 PDT 2003


I have started using portupgrade package recently and it is indeed
a wonderful package compared to so basic ports handling by standard
FreeBSD software, that I wonder why portupgrade is not by default part
of the basic FreeBSD OS.

Anyway, when I install from ports with portupgrade, I get packages
listed as follows:

mplayer-gtk-    >  succeeds port (port has
portupgrade-20030427        >  succeeds port (port has 20030308_2)
ruby-       >  succeeds port (port has
ruby-bdb1-0.1.9             >  succeeds port (port has 0.1.8)
ruby-shim-ruby18-1.8.0.p2.2003.04.19  >  succeeds port (port has 1.8.0.p2)

I'm sure I am in sync with the port, neverless it says that my installed
packages succeeds the port. Is that a bug in portupgrade package?


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