How to type special characters?

Rob Wentworth rw at
Mon May 5 16:26:15 PDT 2003

Most laptops have a portion of the keyboard that can be used as a numeric
keypad by pressing the Fn key and/or switching it to keypad mode. This
allows typing special characters.

In Windows I usually cut-and-paste characters from the "character map"
utility so I don't have to remember the codes -- there must be a similar
tool for FreeBSD...

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> I am able to type non-standard characters like the euro symbol (?) by
> holding down the ALT key and typing the relevent number (ie, 0128 for
> the euro) on the keypad. My problem is I do not have a keypad on my
> laptop and was wondering if there was an 'easy to use' alternative.

For the Euro symbol, I can offer you this article here


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