karamba for kde noatun.theme

Scott A. Moberly smoberly at karamazov.org
Mon May 5 10:26:06 PDT 2003

> hi all
> i have qt3.1.1.5, kde 3.1
> i've installed karamba from ports and i'm trying to open up some theme
> files i downloaded as part of karamba_test.tar.gz off of the karamba
> website
> http://www.efd.lth.se/~d98hk/karamba/karamba.html
> some work - the slashdot.theme and the main.theme work ok.  i'm more
> interested in getting the noatun.theme working - it opens up - but it
> seems that it is transparent, how do you adjust the transparency?  and
> from various screenshots i've seen on kde-look.org, there should be a
> K-menu-type graphic on the noatun.theme.

Transparency is not adjustable.  Check to make sure the background picture
has the correct path.  Also check the placement of the window (it could have
been placed offscreen or under something else.  Otherwise you might choose
a different background - or modify the current one.
Scott A. Moberly
smoberly at karamazov.org

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