CSU/DSU for fbsd as a router

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+--- On Monday, May 05, 2003 03:08,
| Kevin Stevens proclaimed:
| On Sunday, May 4, 2003, at 22:39 US/Pacific, Jonas wrote:
| > I'm looking into the option of using fbsd as a router/NAT/Firewall on
| > point-2-point T1's. Currently we use - on each end - an Adtran Ace
| > (CSU/DSU)and i.e. a Cisco 2501.
| >
| > The Adtran's has this weird big connector which connects to the Cisco.
| I don't remember what the physical connector is properly termed, but
| it's popularly called an "HDLC cable" - HDLC is the common Cisco serial
| protocol used on such connections.

It is probably a V.35 connector on the Adtran, and if it is of the style of 
a big block with a male screw on one side and a female screw on the other, 
it is called a 'winchester' connector.

On the cisco side, the 2501 has a HD-60 connector, proprietary to cisco.

Regarding HDLC, that is one of the many layer 2 framing protocols that cisco 
can run, with the default being proprietary version of HDLC developed by 

Corrections welcomed, thanks.

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