Cable Internet Setup

Bluesman bluesman323 at
Sun May 4 21:57:13 PDT 2003

Hi any help greatly appreciated-

I have never setup an internet connection with a cable modem and router with freeBSD. I was wondering if maybe there was a skinny on it that would help. The computer is seeing the network card as dc0. It reports the ipaddress of the machine and the router. I can ping other computers on the network, but when it comes to remote I can not. I looked at some reference and it kind of led me to believe that I would have to custom configure a kernel, which is no problem but want to make sure there is not some easy network package that would eleviate the problem. The isp I use which is comcast uses DHCP. I know I have a hunch I am forgetting something simple. Again any help would be greatly appreciatted. Sorry about the newbie question.



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