isp driver error.

Serge V. Shlapak serg at
Mon May 5 02:51:47 PDT 2003

Good afternoon,

we have gained as external carrier of data Raidtec FibreArray 2208
(RR2D-SDH0-12CD) which work through Qlogic 2Gbps Fibre Channel Host Bus

Given equipment runs under OS FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE #0.

In process of the work, progamm on work with given on this basket seasonly
gets the mistake of the reading to information:

"Error readblock(), errno = 5 (Input/output error)"

These messages coincide on time with messages

"/kernel: isp0: bad underrun for 124.0 (count 16384, resid 2147436543,
status not marked)"

Including meet messages

/kernel: (da1:isp0:0:124:0): SCSI parity error

Can advise as possible allow the givenned problem.

Best wishes Serge Shlapak.
Tomsk Cellular Communication Ltd, Russia

   Phone:(3822) 571075
   Fax: (3822) 412128
   E-mail: serg at

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