CSU/DSU for fbsd as a router

Tom Smith tom at openadventures.org
Sun May 4 23:47:53 PDT 2003

I'm not aware of any T-1 network cards for FreeBSD though there are 
cards out there that perform this function. I have a client that uses a 
product called the Interceptor which is simply a Unix server with a PCI 
CSU/DSU, T-1 card--with this box, the T-1 plugs directly into the server.

If you're not able to locate something like this (and having a seperate 
CSU and router bothers you that bad) you can go with with a router that 
has a built-in CSU.

As an example, I use a Cisco 1720 which has a built-in CSU. The result 
is I plug the T-1 into the router and the router into my FreeBSD firewall.

Jonas wrote:

>I'm looking into the option of using fbsd as a router/NAT/Firewall on
>point-2-point T1's. Currently we use - on each end - an Adtran Ace
>(CSU/DSU)and i.e. a Cisco 2501.
>The Adtran's has this weird big connector which connects to the Cisco.
>Does anyone have any suggestions on how to connect the T1 to the fbsd?
>Is there an external box (CSU/DSU) that has a plain RJ45 jack or is
>there special NIC cards that I can connect the T1 directly to? 
>The T1's are EFS,B8ZF.
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