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Sun May 4 19:46:26 PDT 2003

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Hi, here's a riddle for you.

I've got a machine with an Abit AT7 motherboard. So no legacy ports, 
just USB and Firewire. The BIOS has two options for USB keyboard 
support: "BIOS" or "OS". OS means that the operating system must 
support the keyboard, BIOS means that the BIOS will emulate a standard 
keyboard. The keyboard only works in FreeBSD if it's set to OS, but 
Windows XP doesn't seem to care.

This is OK, except that I want to dual boot between Windows XP and 
FreeBSD. Both the FreeBSD boot manager and GRUB rely on BIOS calls to 
read from the keyboard. So to actually make a selection in the boot 
manager, I have to set the keyboard support to BIOS, but then I can't 
use the keyboard once FreeBSD is running.

Is it possible to make this work? I couldn't see anything obvious in 
the ukbd man page.

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