FreeBSD 5.0, Xwindows, and my Mouse.

Max Guernsey xam at
Sun May 4 18:44:22 PDT 2003

I just installed FreeBSD 5.0 from a CD January 2003.  I have a Microsoft
Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 hooked into the PS/2 port.

When I run Xwindows the mouse pointer just stays in the upper left
corner, although it flickers around the top of the screen when the mouse
is moved, but I can't select anything and I have to push the reset
button to get control of the machine.  There is an Error Window open and
all I can see it the top of the Window with the word error.  I can
alt-tab to the window, but how do you move it so I can read the error?

Does Xwindows have its' own mouse drivers?  I read somewhere where the
installed drivers conflict with Xwindows. (true??)  But if I
/stand/sysinstall and delete the mouse driver I don't get anything in
Xwindows, so it must need /dev/sysmouse.  Correct?

Any ideas on where to look so I can figure out the problem will be

I tried the 4.8 Stable release but I don't think it will work with my
60G HD, the fdisk and create FS install feature didn't work.

I really need help and would like to get this working.


xam at

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