winex sendmsg error on 5-current

Eric Timme timothy at
Sun May 4 09:13:46 PDT 2003

I'm having problems running winex on 5-current..I'm running the 3.0-1 package 
from Transgaming's prepackaged area, which I installed along with 
emulators/linux_base.  COMPAT_LINUX is enabled in my kernel.  According to 
the mailing list, USER_LDT seems to be integrated now, so no need to 
explicitly specify it.

Whenever I run and run something with winex (ie winex ./war3.exe) it errors 

Protocol error: process 0x806d1a8: sendmsg: Bad address

This exact error is received every attempt to run a file, whether I run as
root or a normal user.

Any ideas?

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